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Company was established in 1994 and since its beginning attends to a development and production of rescue systems for sports flying mechanisms. An interest in these rescue systems continues since the beginning of 1990’s and is related to an expansion of ultralight flying in Czech republic and abroad. Focus of a development and production are rescue parachute systems activated by a solid-fuel rocket engine.

Present production schedule is focused on rescue parachute systems designed for sports flying mechanisms with 80 to 620 kg take off weight and for running speeds from 45 to 300 km/h.

Producing types obtained type certificates of ÚCL ČR, LAA ČR and DULV SRN.
Producer provides service for these rescue systems all along their lifetime and takes stock and repacking of personal rescue parachute ensembles.

Company statedly presents itself on shows and trade fairs focused on ultralight flying questions.






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